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ARSN USA has warehouse label solutions for every application in your warehouse. Choose from our indestructible floor label systems, rack labels, location tags and long-range retro-reflective labels as well as  we  have supplied parts, shipping labels and goods labels for many industries.

Floor Label

Warehouse Floor Label Kits are the most durable bar code labeling solutions you will find. Each label kit features a 1/8" beveled aluminum frame that protects the aluminum bar code label from the abuse of pallets and vehicular traffic. 

New Label_IMG_2251_no_holes.jpg

Location Label

Arsn USA has bar code rack labels for every application. Polyester Rack Labels offer the durability demanded in many warehouse applications. Multi-Level Rack Labels can eliminate the need for long-range scanning and are designed to eliminate the confusion of which rack to scan.

Tip N Tell & Drop N Tell Package  Handling Indicators

 Tip(N)Tell is an easy-to-use plastic indicator that, when mounted properly, can tell the receiver if the package had been tipped in transit.

Drop(N)Tell® is a unique, bi-directional indicator that uses mechanical action to snap an arrow from red to blue in the direction of the impact. Unlike our market competitors, Drop(N)Tell® has a special lock pin that guarantees they will not be triggered upon arrival at our customer’s door. Drop(N)Tell® comes in six G-forces (5G, 10G, 15G, 25G, 50G, 100G) that allow all sizes and weights of shipments to be tracked appropriately.

** Authorized Master Distributor in US 


Plastic Seals

ATM Cassettes, Ballot boxes, Storage totes, Suitcases and Luggage, Healthcare boxes, Airline cargo,Cash and courier Bags, Food & Beverage carts, Fire extinguisher pins, Travelling bags, Accessories, Laptop bags

Industries: Airline, Express, Chemicals, Banking, Government, Fire service, Healthcare, Food & Beverage, Fishery, Retail, E-commerce

1. Indicative seals.
2. Material: PP plastic& metal instert
3. Equipped with metal insert in lock mechanism for increased security
4.Pull the end to adjust to your liking.


Company logo and/or name, serial number

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